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Producto was created because hiring within the product management world is challenging. Companies have to understand their users and their pain points to create something that delivers. Otherwise, they will fail.

For that, you need great people.

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Recruiting the right people can make or break a team

Building something that delivers what the customer is looking for can be complex. Product Managers are the key to simplifying the process and they play a key role in the organization. Making the right hire moves you forward, quicker.

We are actively involved in the Product community and know-how to guide our clients to make the right match happen so you flourish.

Working with a niche recruitment partner like Producto, we help speed up the recruitment process and improve hiring efficiency.

How? Our combination of specializing in Product Management recruitment and the thorough qualification of all parties means that the quality of suitable candidates is always high.

We save you time and we are your Product Management recruitment guides throughout the hiring process.

Understanding Product Management job titles

Trying to make sense of the different titles like Product Guru and Product Enablement Manager can be tricky. Let’s take a look at the different types of PM roles out there:

Product Manager

The person who is the glue for the design, tech and business teams. They guide these teams towards the collective end goal without having authority over them.

They tend to be focused on one product and work with a variety of people engineers, designers, marketing, c-suite.

Common responsibilities include working closely with customers to understand their needs, setting the product vision for the team, communicating with key stakeholders and creating the product roadmap.

Technical Product Manager

Whilst similar to a Product Manager, this person is likely to have come from a technical background like software engineering and will spend more time working closer with the technical teams rather than marketing for example.

Product Marketing Manager

This person will have come from a marketing background and is less likely to be involved in working with the tech teams, curating road maps, etc.

Usual responsibilities include; managing the marketing team, creating case studies, running customer research sessions, product testing, etc.

Given their close links with the company’s customers, they tend to be seen as the voice of the customer within the product team.

Growth Product Manager

They are focused on enhancing or accelerating a particular area of the product in order to drive the bottomline for the company. They work closely with all departments but tend to work on the micro within the product rather than being overly concerned with the product as a whole.

They tend to have a deep interest in the customer and their experience with the product and can navigate how to unlock more potential with the customer.

Data Product Manager

This person works closely with data scientists and analysts and may have moved from a data centric position into a role where they perform the traditional roles of a PM alongside their data scientist duties.

Levels of seniority within Product Management

Here’s a simple guide for the typical Product Management career ladder that exists in most organizations:

Associate Product Manager

An entry level role that works alongside a PM to perform some of the tasks a typical PM will undertake.

Product Manager

They work alongside other teams and through their influence, guide the group towards the collective goal.

Senior Product Manager

Tends to oversee more than one product and leads other PM’s. Will be more involved in higher level tasks like stakeholder management and the professional development of other PM’s.

Lead Product Manager/Product Lead

They are responsible for expanding the suite of products that a company offers. They tend to work with senior stakeholders and they ensure that the product is delivered successfully.

Group Product Manager

This is a leadership role where they provide direction for the product teams working on a particular group of products. May have multiple reports.

Director of Product Management

They lead the PM practice within an organization and work across multiple teams to identify areas of growth for a product. They tend to be more involved in the hiring and growth of a PM function.

VP/SVP of Product Management

They are the PM culture champion within the organization. They lay out the framework for how the product function will grow.

Chief Product Officer

Oversees everything that is product related within the company. Responsible for the overall performance of product.

Our values define us and how we do business

We are curious

We are curious people. We love to dig deep and understand what is going on beneath the surface to provide our customers with the support they need.

We do the right thing

No matter what happens, we will always do the right thing. We never put profit before our integrity. Ever.

We make an impact

We show up to get results. Anything less than helping others achieve their career and business goals isn’t good enough. We strive to leave every customer with a positive outcome.

We are trusted

We give our trust unconditionally and expect the same in return from others. Knowing that we have each other’s back means we can move forward and achieve great things together without any hidden agendas.

We are compassionate

We have a deep desire to help. We want to pitch in and make a difference for our customers.

Say hi to our team

James Jordan


After spending 16 years working for a number of award winning international tech recruitment companies, his passion for getting close to customers led to the discovery of an underserved recruitment market; Product Management. As a result of these findings, James founded Producto in May 2022 to provide a solution for the growing demand of Product Management skills globally.

James’ recruitment experience spans USA, UK and German technology markets having led and grown many recruitment teams who have helped build global brands from the ground up.

In his spare time, James loves to spend time with his wife and 2 kids, travelling the world and is an avid cook and wine aficionado.

Hollie Jordan

Recruiter & Researcher

Teacher turned Product Manager recruiter/researcher.

Hollie previously worked in education for the past 16 years and is now supporting the growth of Producto as we continue to support the Product Management community across the USA.

She is passionate about finding the right role for people to develop their skills on the next step of their journey.

When she isn’t busy working, Hollie loves spending time traveling the globe embracing new cultures, and making happy memories with her family.


Chief Dog Officer

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